About Us

Flash USB Drive is the largest provider of custom USB flash drives and custom shaped flash drives to the Americas. We offer our clients a wide variety of product selection ranging from classic basic shape USB Drives to a full custom inspired USB flash drives. We offer many services and solutions that our customers have come to depend on as part of their marketing strategy. We offer our services to every type of company from sole member to mega corporations. We meet and serve our customer needs with same respect and dedication.

Custom shaped USB drives

We offer our customer the opportunity to turn their logo into a custom shaped fully functional USB drive. We can manufacture anything that can be imagined in to a USB drive. The limitation falls in the hands of our customer imagination. If you can dream it we will build it. All of our custom shaped USB flash drives are made with Tier 1 memory and the best and safest material in the industry.

Customer service

Flash USB Drive values all customers. As an organization our number 1 priority is to ensure that the customer never feels let down. We live by the following 10 Quality statements.

  1. We use a variety of staff to monitor customer service on a regular and consistent basis
  2. We know and can clearly state our customers’ needs and expectations
  3. We listen to customers about our products and proactively seek to redress issues
  4. We notice and congratulate our people when they perform well
  5. Senior management are fully and visibly engaged in customer activities
  6. Our customers’ satisfaction is our only concern
  7. Our organization and our people have aligned values
  8. Our customers find working with us easy and pleasurable
  9. We know how our people feel about working here and always respond to make it better
  10. We have individuals who can respond quickly to changes circumstances, whatever they maybe

Our mission statement

To be the most customer-loyal company in the world, and to be the most essential global technology manufacturer for consumers needs.

Flash USB Drive values its position in the world stage as the number one provider of custom USB flash drives to the Americas. We maintain that is our responsibility and mandate to continue to help the companies that depend on us to help build their brand and brand awareness.