Auto Run Service

Auto Run will automatically launch documents, web media, or anything else that you have pre loaded on the custom USB flash drive. Having the auto run feature installed on your custom USB flash drive will take away any guess work as to whether your customer opened your pre loaded data or not. The auto run feature will enable you to auto start any advertisement or launch the user to a pre determined page on your website. It will also ensure that the documents were opened. The auto-run feature can be made as a permanent feature that cannot be deleted or turned off at any point for the life of the USB flash drive. Or we can make it so that the auto run feature can be turned off by the user at any time. The auto run feature is a plug and play feature and will help maximize the pre loaded data and the number of people who view it.

Why do you need auto run? Auto run is a great feature for anyone who wants to ensure that your pre loaded data gets noticed. Auto Run is great for auto running websites or videos or just about anything that you have preloaded. Auto Run is a very professional looking operation that will make your presentation look very unique and classic.

Does Auto Run pop up every time you plug in the USB? Yes and No. Auto Run can be programmed many different ways. We can program it to Auto Run the first time the stick is used and on the second use give the user the option to shut it off for good. We can also make it permanent and auto run every single time that the USB id plugged into the computer port. These customizable features are completely up to you our customer.