Data Preloading Service

Customized USA offers all of its customers the ability to pre load data on your custom USB flash drive order. Preloaded data is a service that is used when you want to apply documents to your flash drive that will be relevant to the products you sell, services you offer, price sheets or just any information that you want your end user to have and know about you. Customized USA offer Free preloaded data for all order up to 200MB. Our preloaded data services also include videos and pictures in addition to documents. Preloaded data services are a great service that will enhance your custom USB flash drive. Other Data that can be preloaded unto your USB flash drive include software demo, music, flash demonstrations, PowerPoint slideshows, movie clips, and PDF product brochures. Preloaded files can be removed by users to free up flash drive space.

Why would you need data preloads? Data preloads are great if you want to give away your custom USB flash drives with important information about your products or services. Data preloads will make your marketing efforts more successful with your custom USB flash drives. Data pre loads can deliver videos, music, text and just about anything else that you would want your customer to know about your organization.

How Much Data Can you preload? The amount of data the can be preloaded is really up to you. We have the ability to pre load as little as 1 MB and as much as you need uploaded. We always allow free pre loaded data up to 200 MB.

Can you preload anything? Yes. We can preload any types of music, videos and just about anything else that you can think of. Our preloaded data services can include any type of file that you want preloaded.