Encryption Service

Encryption is a processed that is used to make data unreadable to anyone except those possessing the correct password to unscramble the encryption. The password will be the only way to access the information on the flash drive. Encryption has long been used to facilitate secret communication. Encryption is used in protecting information within many kinds of corporations and business. Encryption services are the top of the line defense against theft or copying of sensitive documents. Encryption is absolutely essential, if you’re the kind of person who tends to lose USB drives and you happen to carry sensitive information then you would definitely want to encrypt your custom USB flash drive. You should always ask yourself, how important is the data I am keeping on my custom USB flash drive? If you deem it to be sensitive then you should encrypt your flash drive to further protect yourself and your documents that you save on your flash drive.

Why should I use encryption? Encryption is great to keep your internal communication amongst your employees secretive and for only those that you intended to see the information. Some organizations use encryption to control information on new products or new commercials coming out. Some use the service just to protect financial information that is being presented.

Is Encryption permanent? Yes. Encryption is permanent once it is added to your USB flash drive. The only way to unscramble the information on the flash drive is by using the correct key associated with the flash drive. Like password protection with out the correct key or password the information will not unscramble and will be useless. Now the difference between encryption and password protection is that with encryption you will be able to access the documents but the entire sheet will be scrambled into a series of number letters and symbols that will only be revealed with the correct password.