Icon Creation Service

A customized icon to replace the default drive icon associated with your Flash Drive device is an essential service when you order your custom USB flash drive. Every drive is given a different letter or default name when you plug it into your computer. The problem with this is that when you buy multiple USB drives or you have multiple drive plugs into your laptop or desktop they may have the same default description name. This is when a Unique Icon Creation will help you stand a part from everyone else. Instead of the end user receiving a default letter or name when they plug in your custom USB flash drive they will actually see your custom company logo as the default name of the custom USB flash drive. The icon creation service will just make your whole presentation go to the next level. Plus its additional free marketing of your USB flash drive. Icon creation is available with all custom USB flash drive order.

Why do I need Icon Creation? Icon creation will enhance your already beautifully manufactured flash drive. Icon creation is available to those that are interested in completing the custom USB flash drive. When you plug in your flash drive your unique icon will appear as the name of the flash drive. Really this service is for those of you that are interested in standing out in a crowded room!

Does Icon Creation work on all windows operating systems? Icon Creation works beautifully on all windows operating system and will really give your organization an excellent and professional look. The icon creation works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95. Icon creation flexibility to work on all these operating system is sure to give your customer the wow factor when they plug in your custom USB flash drive and see your unique custom icon pop on their desktop!