Password Protection Service

Password Protection gives you the ability to protect your custom USB flash drive with a unique password. Our password protection feature is helpful in preventing theft of sensitive information and theft. The Password-secured custom USB flash drive will render its self useless without the password and to a user that is saving sensitive information this is an added bonus. If you loose your custom USB flash drive you have nothing to worry about because with the password the data on the custom USB flash drive can not be accessed. Password protection is added benefit that you can add to your preloaded data and it will also give you peace of mind that your valuable sensitive information is safe.

Who needs password protection? Really everyone that is saving private information should be using password protection on all computers, laptops, phones and USB drives. Password protection in USB drives are important for companies using these drives for internal communication or if you are distributing sensitive information to your employees or clients. Password protection will render the USB flash drive useless without the correct password. This will certainly protect your data that is saved on the USB flash drive.

Can the passwords be changed? Yes passwords can be changed using the administrative password that we provide you when your order is placed. The administrative password works as the master password for the batch of the USB flash drives that you purchased. The master password should only be used to change the user passwords and to change the passwords. The master password should always be protected.

Password protection is a great service that will provide you added security and peace of mind. Password protection will help your organization control sensitive information that is given to employees and take away the fear of the information falling into the wrong hands.