Permanent Data Upload Service

We provide our customers the ability to add non erasable data to your already pre loaded data. Permanent upload simply means that the data that you have uploaded will be non erasable for the life of the custom USB flash drive. Permanent uploads are great for any types or types of documents. If you have a sales catalog or a school has a course catalog then permanent pre loads would work really well here. Every single pre loaded data can be turned into a permanent upload. Any files preloaded on the USB Flash Drives can only be read and opened, but not erased by the user. The permanent service also includes partitioning the drive into 2 sections. One section will hold the non erasable permanent documents and the other section will be free space for the end user to save, delete and use as they wish.

Why do you need permanent uploads? Permanent uploads are a wonderful feature and those looking to add a catalog or price sheet that you want your customers to always have handy on the USB flash drive. Permanent uploads are also specially useful for those distributing any form of software that should not be erasable.

Are permanent uploads ever erased? One the permanent uploads has been partitioned and placed on the USB drive no one can ever delete the pre loaded information for the entire life of the USB flash drive. Permanent per loading uses a special software that make it virtually impossible to ever erase. You will have to get the factory who put the permanent upload on to erase the data if that is even possible. Permanent data is made to be non erasable fot the life of the USB flash drive.