Engraving USB Flash Drives

Engraving is the practice of incising a design on to a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it. At Flash-USB-Drives.com we have mastered these procedures on our custom USB flash drives. We offer the best wholesale promotional items and they mostly have the ability to be engraved. These engrave USB flash drives come in a large variety of shapes, sizes both physically and memory and colors. Most of our plastic USB flash drives carry a metal face plate giving us the ability to engrave even on our plastic thumb drives. Wood drives can also be beautifully engraved giving you a very classic look for your custom USB flash drive. Engraving will give your custom USB flash drive a sleek, modern look. It will make your logo permanent and non erasable. You will rest assured that your custom USB flash drive logo will not fade overtime as your logo will be engraved into the material itself. Custom USB flash drives in the engraving category also come in many capacity sizes that range from as low as 8 MB to as high as 32 GB. The choice of your custom USB memory capacity should depend on what you want to accomplish and pre load on the drive. The lower capacities are used as web keys. Web keys normally carry an auto run feature that when plugged in the key will auto load your website. The larger capacities are recommended to be given to actual known customers that buy your products. All of our drives on the engraving category are compatible with all operating systems.

Custom Leather Hook Style

The Leather Hook Leather Style is a flash drive that can be imprinted embossed or hot stamped. It comes in two primary colors of black and brown but custom colors are available. The Leather Hook leather style USB flash drive also come in a barrage of...

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Custom Leather Style

The Leather Style USB Flash Drive, name says it all. It is a one of kind custom USB flash drive made out of leather and metal. It is a beautifully crafted drives that comes in both brown leather and black leather although other color area available. ...

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