Jewelry USB Flash Drives

Jewelry Style USB flash Drives are very unique. These flash drives are made into every type of item you can imagine. These beautifully crafted USB drive come in guitars, cars, and hearts to name a few. They are made with crystal and are handmade. Customized USA can also custom make any idea in to a fully functional custom USB jewelry jump drive. The jewelry styles are great for graduation gifts, employee gifts, and client gifts or even at weddings. The very unique custom USB flash drives are very valuable and will last for a very long time. The Jewelry style will stand the test of time. The jewelry style USB drives are also made using rubies and crystal and are designed to also be worn as actual jewelry. Our custom jewelry styles USB drives can be customized into any shape. We can make a fully customizable jewelry style USB flash drive from inception to delivered product. Your only limitation without custom jewelry style USB flash drives is your imagination. The custom jewelry style USB flash drives would make wonderful gift and a wonderful marketing tool. The custom jewelry USB flash drives are available at bulk USB flash drive prices.

Custom Lovely Heart Shape Style

The Custom Lovely Heart Style USB flash drive is Cute and made out of metal and shiny rhinestones. The Custom heart style USB flash drive is Convenient and lovely to keep it on your keychain or just wear it as a nice accessory or as a part of your je...

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Custom Music Guitar Jewelry Style

The Custom Music Guitar jewelry Style USB drive is compatible with all PC and Mac products. The Custom Music Guitar Style USB drive comes in all sizes from 8 MB, 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and up to 32 ...

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