Mini USB Flash Drives

The mini style USB flash drives are a very unique way to brand and market your company. Using these micro USB custom thumb drives is the way of the future. They are faster than regular USB flash drives and still offer the personalized imprinting and branding that you need for your marketing campaigns. The mini style USB jump drive is perfect for every company and will make your logo look beautiful on this sleek body that the mini custom USB flash drive offers. The Minis USB imprinted flash drive will stand out from other marketing items. They will give your organization an edge as a mini custom made USB flash drive will be very memorable. The mini styles come in multiple styles and variations. Our top seller swing style USB flash drive has also been made in the custom mini style USB flash drive. The mini slim which like its counterpart swing style it is made from rubberized plastic and a metal swing that rotates 360 degrees. We also have the slim swivel which is also a swing style mini USB flash drive. The last variation of our mini styles USB flash drive is the mini slide style USB flash drive. The mini slide style USB flash drive is a push style USB flash drive where the USB micro chip is housed inside the body of the USB and is operated by a push button. All these custom mini style USB flash drives will make an excellent marketing tool.

Custom Mini Slider Style

The Mini Slider USB Flash drive is compatible with both Mac and PC. It comes in all colors and can be custom made with the pantone color chart. The Mini Slider is very small slim and compact. This is a drive that technology buffs and normal users wil...

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Custom Mini Swivel Style has a variety of custom USB flash drives for marketing purposes. The custom mini swivel USB flash drive is one of the hottest best selling custom USB flash drives in the market today! The custom mini swivel USB flash drive is made...

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Custom Slim Swivel Style

The Custom slim swivel USB flash drive from is one of the most popular drives that we have in our inventory. This drive is extremely slim and comes with the micro chip that make it’s processing of data really fast. The drive is ...

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